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Both my boys' birthdays were this past weekend. My oldest, The Boog, turned 20 on Sunday. My younger, The Eepster, turned 15 on Monday. I posted embarrassing pictures of them as newborns on FB. At least I didn't use the full frontal one of the younger boy, so I did show some restraint, lol. But it was also weird to see me 15 and 20 years ago with long, curly dark hair and being so much heavier. One thing I will say, I did love post-pregnancy hair. Thick and curly and not at all frizzy even though it was the height of summer humidity. But my boys were *the* most photogenic babies. Boog especially, had these big fat baby cheeks and cherubic face.

Anyway, Saturday was the celebration day; E's friend who has been in the hospital came with us to go see a movie (Maleficent), lunch at Red Robin, and then present shopping at Best Buy. E was desperately in need of a new computer; his old one was running XP, and we are getting to the point where stuff he wants/needs for school or fun won't run well or at all on it anymore. I was looking into Chromebooks, since most of what he does is online, but turns out that his Kindle Fire would be more useful as a computer! Chrombooks can't download anything, can't do anything if they aren't connected to the internet. P.O.S! So I splurged and got him an inexpensive (ha!) HP laptop. My Dad and Sis are going to chip in to help pay for it as their presents to him as well, so that helps a lot. The Boog, who has a MacBook Pro, got a gift card to Amazon.

Speaking of family (and I use the term loosely, ahem), my darling spouse's parents seem to have decided that their religious-based bigotry that they are showing toward their transgender child also extends to my children (who they, up until this point, have been *so proud* to call their grandchildren). We have not heard one peep out of them to even call the boys to wish them happy birthday. Yeah. I am SO done with them. At least my boys are old enough to realize that it isn't them or anything they did; they understand that grandma and grandpa are just assclowns about some things.

E got another bday present of another sort, though; he got his braces off! On his birthday! The orthodontist's office is pretty cool; they give the kids a goody bag of "forbidden foods" that they can't eat while they have the braces on, and because it was E's bday, they gave him an extra goody of a gift card for ice cream. He is free until Thursday, when he has to go back in to get his retainers. But he only needs to wear them while he's not in school, so he's happy about that. And he got clear ones, so even when they are in, they will barely be noticeable.

The other (fur)kids had their annual physicals yesterday, too. Both of them have lost about 3 lbs in the last year, so the whole cutting back on their food that they have been MEGA unhappy about has really helped. Both are now about at their ideal weights, so we need to keep and eye on things and may need to actually adjust their food *upward* to make sure they don't keep losing. The vet did blood work on both of them (they are 7 and 11 now, so the older one is a "senior" and the younger is getting close), and once that comes back, we are going to talk about options to try to get the older one to stop chewing her fur off. It is most likely neurotic behavior, but we want to rule out allergy or illness of any sort (fleas have already been ruled out, not that I thought it was). The vet is new to the practice, and is big on protecting against kidney and liver issues in cats as they grow older, thus the blood work. Made for an expensive visit, but worth keeping the little ones healthy. We may have to resort to some sort of anti-anxiety med for the older one, but the vet is very conservative when it comes to drugs, so we'll see what he has to say.
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