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If you are looking for my fanfiction, it is also posted on Archive Of Our Own and FanFiction. I also have recently started doing fanmixes and other fanart, so they are included here as well.

Planet of the Apes (TV) (most recent listed first)
Don't You Remember (12,078 words, Rated R, Slash–Pete/OMC) AO3 FF
Escape From Tomorrow (39,280 words, Rated PG-13, Gen) AO3 FF
One Final Lesson (18,713 words, Rated R, Gen) On AO3 FF
Cry Over Me (2,049 words, Rated PG-13, Gen) On AO3 FF
Common Ground (58,906 words, Rated R, Gen) On AO3 FF
Common Ground Fanmix (17 songs in mp3 format)
Broken (22,846 words, Rated NC-17, Noncon–Pete/OMC) AO3 FF
Grateful (2,467 words, Rated NC-17, Slash–Pete/Alan/Galen) AO3
The Interrogation (43,011 words, Rated R, Gen) AO3 FF
If You're Reading This (1111 words, Rated G, Gen) AO3 FF
Homecoming (500 words, Rated G, Gen)

House, M.D.
This Is Not The End: A House/Wilson Fanmix (14 songs, m4a and mp3 formats) AO3
Fix You (1,130 words, Rated PG, Gen) AO3 FF

Meanwhile In Purgatory (3,848 words, Rated NC-17; Slash–Dean/Cas) AO3 FF
Under Fallen Skies (6,724 words, Rated NC-17, Slash–Dean/Alastair) AO3 FF
Night of the Hunter (4,891 words, Rated PG-13, Gen) AO3 FF

The Walking Dead
Mine (1,341 words, Rated PG-13, Gen) AO3 FF
Falling (2,275 words, Rated R, Gen) AO3 FF
Desperate (2,088 words, Rated R, Gen) AO3 FF

Avengers: Art for "Never Judge A Cover" (banner, icons, fanmix of 11 songs + cover) AO3
Harry Potter: Art for "The Beast Within" (banner, fanmix of 10 songs + cover)
Glee: Art for "A Company of Three" (banner, fanmix of 11 songs + cover) AO3
Quantum Leap: Deus Est Machina (1,609 words, Rated PG-13, Gen) AO3 FF
Men In Black: You're Only Human (1,134 words, Rated: PG-13, Slash–J/K) AO3 FF

The American President: Two Women

To Do List:
Current projects with deadlines:
[livejournal.com profile] smallfandombang: art for 3 stories (Incredible Hulk-TV series plus 2 Walking Dead); due 3/31/13
[livejournal.com profile] rarewomen: signups 2/14-28

WIP with no deadlines:
Human Nature (PotA gen sequel to Common Ground): ~5K words, ~10% done
Your Beautiful Ending (Glee Kurtofsky friendship S2/S3): ~4K words, ~90% done
This Is Not The End (House/Wilson post series curtain fic): <1K, this is going to be a later project
Out of Eden (Terra Nova): Taylor and Shannon go exploring into the Badlands and find more than they bargained for (may have Taylor/Shannon, not sure yet)
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