Mar. 28th, 2014

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The Organization for Transformative Works, the folks who run Archive of Our Own, Fanlore, and the Transformative Works and Culture Journal, put out a call for volunteers the other week for a number of positions on different committees. I applied for a position on the Strategic Planning Committee.

I did my "interview" today, which was an emailed series of questions about why I want the position, what I feel I can bring to the position, and a bunch of questions about dealing with criticism, dealing people who disagree with you, dealing with a diversity of perspectives, and communications strategies for tense situations. I found that I kept kinda repeating myself for many of the questions, my answers boiling down to, I've got a doctorate in science, I currently work in publishing, and I've been an educator. A bunch of the job will deal with collecting and analyzing data from the membership about the direction the OTW takes, and which issues and projects it devotes its resources to support.

I tell ya, for a "volunteer position", it's one of the most intense "job interviews" I've had. I have no idea if the position is really that competitive, that they get that many qualified volunteers that they need to turn some away, or if it's just a way to screen out the folks who like to volunteer for things that sound neat without having any real qualifications or idea of what they are volunteering for. I'm hoping the latter. The OTW does good, important work, and I would really like to support them by being a staff member.

So we'll see how it goes. If they decide I pass the "first interview", I get invited to take part in a "chat interview" next Saturday.

Fingers crossed.

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