Mar. 22nd, 2014

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This is a snippet from my story for [ profile] smallfandombang, a Planet of the Apes (TV series) story called "The Lies That They Gave You". The plot summary is thus: Burke, Virdon and Galen finally return to Earth of the past, to the astronauts' home, but not everything is as it seems.

Stories will be posting starting in early April. And I'm SO EXCITED that [ profile] tarlanx has claimed my story to do art. Meanwhile, here's the snippet I posted to the [ profile] smallfandomcafe today:

Yeah, who knew apes could be such clothes horses?” Burke reached over to retrieve his cell phone from the bedside table. “Do you know he even has shoe designers falling over themselves making custom shoes for those big monkey feet of his? When he finally moves off the base, he’s going to need a three bedroom place. One for him, one for his clothes, and one for his shoes.”

As Allison padded into the bathroom, Burke admired the view before scrolling through his short list of contacts to find Galen’s number. He tapped the screen to begin the call as the sound of running water and a cloud of steam came from the bathroom. He listened to the phone ring on the other end, then switch over to voice mail.

"Hello!” Galen’s excited voice exclaimed. He could hear his own voice in the background urging Galen to say something more, to state his name. “Oh, this is Galen. If you are getting this recording—isn’t it marvelous?—then I suppose that means I’m too busy to answer this telephone. But when it beeps at you in a moment, you can record a message of your own, and I will listen to it. Oh, and I’ll return your call.”

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