Mar. 14th, 2014

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Title: Come What May
Author: Last Winter Rose ([ profile] last_winterrose)
Artist: Gryph ([ profile] gryphon2k)
Fandom: Avengers
Art Type: Digital composite
Characters/Pairings: Bruce Banner/Tony Stark
Summary: Art for [ profile] mpregbigbang story by [ profile] last_winterrose.Bruce have been on the run from Ross for many reasons, one of them is that Ross want to use him to breed an army of mini Hulks. Now Bruce is living with the Avengers at Stark Tower and is in a relationship with Tony. In fact they've been talking about making it official. Plus, now with SHIELD also behind him, Bruce believes that he's safe from Ross. He's wrong. Ross gets a hold of him and force Bruce into Heat before letting his tops Alpha soldiers have at him. Once the others get to him, Tony has to help him through probably the worst Heat Bruce has ever had but they believe that the worst is behind them. A month later, however, they soon find that they just jumped out of the frying pan with Ross and into the fire.
Notes: Stories with the ABO dynamic fascinate me. I did a banner with a couple of images of the boys, one of them with looking distressed, since much of the story focuses on Bruce's struggle against Ross. But overlayed on that, a picture of the boys looking happy, because they do reach a happy place together. I also did an icon overlayed with a triskele, which is an often-used image for ABO dynamics.

Read the fic (link TK)
Art also posted on AO3

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I've had a second LJ journal for a while now that has been languishing. I was originally going to use it for my writing, but I've decided instead that I'm going to use it for my SCA A&S stuff. My ISP recently decided to stop providing web space, and the majority of my old website was taken up with my A&S stuff. So now I'm going to switch it all over to [ profile] danagryphon.

I'll be adding stuff there from this journal bit by bit, and will decide at some point if I want to delete the old stuff off this journal or not. I hate to lose the comments that people have made, though, so we'll see. Anyway if you are interested in reading about my adventures in medieval cooking, making scrolls, leather working, embroidery, making garb, or whatever other area of research catches my fancy, that's where it'll go from now on.

I'll still be using this journal for my fannish pursuits, including my writing and fanart, as well as personal updates.

I hope you'll come over to the new one and take a look.

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