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It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Dear fellow Yuletide author!

First, thank you for whatever gift you might leave in my stocking! And if you came here considering writing a treat, you are a special kind of awesome. Here are some things that might help you decide what you'd like to write.

General details: I think I'm pretty open to just about anything. I like gen, I like slash of all varieties (feel free to get as explicit as you like). I am good with kinks of any sort. I'm not real fond of AUs or crossovers unless they are well justified in a way that is consistent. No PWP, please. If you'd like to see the types of things I write, I'm on AO3 as Gryph. The biggest thing to know about me is that I'm a total angst-puppy. I love hurt/comfort stories, physical or psychological torture, anything that rips the character apart then puts him or her back together with maybe a few pieces missing. Happy endings are not required by any means. The most important thing to me is to maintain character integrity. I love snappy banter, twisty plots that make me go "aha!", and dry wit. But if you aren't into writing angst-fests, that's okay, too. I like backstories, missing scenes, and WHN. Really, so many of these fandoms have so LITTLE written in them that anything would be a treasured gem.

My Requests: (Feel free to ignore these details, of course)

Planet of the Apes (TV)
Pete Burke, Alan Virdon, Galen
I love me some Pete Burke. He's by far my favorite character, and the one I love to whump and see whumped. But any other characters from the show that you might want to include are great, too. The fandom has almost no slash, so I'd be happy to see some of that, preferable Pete/OC (because I just don't see Virdon going that way in character). Ok, yes, if you go look at my AO3 stories, I have a slash story between Burke/Virdon/Galen, but that was meant to be a total crackfic. But if you can find a way to make the situation work in character, go for it. And of course, gen stories are wonderful, too. For more info, you can look at this pimp on smallfandomfest.The series is available on DVD, but I've never found episodes anywhere online.

John Doe
John Doe, Digger, Karen Kawalski
The show ended on a horrible, hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing cliffhanger. Anything that advances that story would be fantastic. Or, I'd be happy to see an exploration of the relationship between John Doe and any of the other characters. Again, slash or gen, it's all good. For more info on the series, I pimped it on smallfandomfest. If you need some source material, the complete series is available for free on Hulu.

Space: 1999
Tony Verdeschi, Maya, Alan Carter
Tony Verdeschi is my favorite character, along with Maya. A Tony and Maya centric-fic would make my little heart patter, especially if it involves danger and adventure. Gen or slash (het or m/m: Maya can take any shape she wants, after all!), the weirder the better. I love the plots of season 1, but the characters of season 2 (which is when Tony and Maya show up). Almost all the episodes are available on YouTube, just do a search on the show name.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Caesar, Blue-Eyes, Koba, Malcolm
I love the interactions of the apes and would love to see an outsider POV from Malcolm on the power struggle between the major apes. I also think it would be great to have a story completely from the POV of the apes, emphasizing the differences in how they think and what their priorities are.

Grimm (TV)
Hank Griffin, Monroe, Nick Burkhardt, Rosalee Calvert
Would love a Case!Fic. Some new monster, with a chance for bonding between the three guys, especially. I love the interaction between Nick and Monroe, but feel free to bring in any of the other characters too.

Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Brisco County Jr., Comet, Lord Bowler, Dixie Cousins
I love the partnership that developed late in the series between Brisco and Bowler. The best thing about this show for me was the banter between Brisco and just about any other character. Do anything with that and I will be a happy, happy camper. And Comet is just too awesome to leave out of any story with Brisco in it!

So, Happy Yuletide! Thanks again for the gift of your time and talent, and know that it will be greatly appreciated!

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