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Jul. 14th, 2014 09:05 am
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So, when I became seneschal of Quintavia (for my non-SCA friends, the president of my local chapter), one of the dreams I had was that at camping events, members of the Shire attending would camp together as a group at an event. This past weekend, we came pretty darn close to accomplishing that. We had a camp of 17 people, three of which joined us from our neighboring group Bergental (including the Baron and Baroness, so we called the camp Bergentavia, lol). And It. Was. Awesome.

This was my first time being "campmaster" for a large-ish camp, being in charge of the meal plan, being the first to arrive on site midday Friday and reserving a space for the rest of the folks who trickled in (our last group arrived Saturday morning after a trip to an ER waylaid them Friday, and the last tent *just* fit in the last open space we'd saved for them). [livejournal.com profile] calygrey was my tentmate and traveling companion, and she was invaluable in figuring out the camp layout and how much space we needed. We convoyed up with [livejournal.com profile] chrystie69, who was our "pick up the things we forgot on her way back and forth from her hotel to the site" person.

The B&B of Bergental shared a carport shelter with us for our main dining hall/common area, but the other goal I have as seneschal is to bring the Shire's equipment for having their own encampment up to snuff. We just acquired a three-burner high-output camp stove from a returning member who had no use for it, and my next acquisition is going to be some serious sets of cooking pots and pans (we have a good number of serving pieces for indoor events with kitchens, but no actual cooking pieces), and a better large shelter. The Shire purchased a 10x20 popup type thing about 8 years ago (the last time we had a real Shire camp), but it has not held up well. It was nice in that it was not much bigger than two popups when stored, and very easy to transport. But we are going to try to do a fundraiser to purchase one of these carport things, because they are REALLY durable, and very easy to put up and take down. They are a little more bulky to store and transport, but we have plans for that as well.

Anyway, I think the camp experience was about 95% successful. I did learn a lot, have a list of things I need to bring/do differently next time, but the general consensus among the camp was that they would like to do it again next year! And that we need to sponsor a party like some of the other big camps there do. We sorta/kinda had a large-ish gathering Friday night with a big fire, a cooler full of jello shots, camp pies, and the B&B did a little bardic, but I'm sure they would have loved to do more. There is a Baconpalooza party Friday night, a pinata party Saturday night, and the thoughts among the camp was that we should have a "jello shots" party! Bwahahaha.

Oh, and we are now going to have about a half-dozen Quintavians in the Bergental camp at Pennsic. I may thing about bringing the Quintavia banner and ask if we can put it up somewhere in camp. Oh, speaking of banners, my new tent and my new banner made their debut at GNEW. We had a little snafu putting up the tent (and bent the pins on the upright supports for the ridge pole, so that will be getting fixed at Workshop Night this week), but I think I know what went wrong and it should go smoother at Pennsic. We put up [livejournal.com profile] white_and_nrdy's tent of the same design up without any problems just a couple of hours later. But the tent was faboo, and should be great for me and Spare Boy. I think I'm going to get two sets of plastic drawers, though, for us to use for dressers/beside tables/suitcases instead of the footlockers we used last year. And I want to put up some hook things in the frame to hang stuff like hats and quivers and maybe the lanterns.

Pennsic is going to be awesome.

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